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After ten years development, Shijiazhuang Longze Chemical Co., Ltd. has gotten high reputation with the following advantages;

1.More than ten years of international business experience in the field of industry
LongzeChem not only owns more than 10 years commercial production experiences of chemical products ,but also owns a professional custom synthesis team .

2.High-quality product and efficient service ideas
LongzeChem aims to be the leader in our products and markets by providing high quality and effective services to our customers 

3.Strong supplying system and advanced marketing channel
LongzeChem has established strong and good relationship with reputed professional manufacturers in celluloses, Pesticides , Veterinary drugs intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, Flavor and Fragrance additives and Fine Chemicals . It has established very advanced purchasing and marketing channel to meet different customer’s satisfaction.

4 The advantage of custom synthesis
LongzeChem provides customers with integrated services throughout the life cycle of the product in areas such as agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals chemicals. The tailored customized production help customers to reduce the cost of money and time.

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