Taking customer's satisfaction as the goal in past ten years, Shijiazhuang Longze Chemical Co., Ltd. has experienced diversified and rapid development. At present, our business scope includes custom ...
High-quality product and efficient service ideas;Strong supplying system and advanced marketing channel; The advantage of custom synthesis;More than ten years of international business...
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  ·  2,6-Dichloropyrazine
  ·  Maleic Hydrazide
  ·  Oxalyl Chloride
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  Main Products:HPMC, Propylene glycol, Aniline, Abamectin, Maleic anhydride, Maleic hydrazide, CCEPPA,2-Carboxyethyl(phenyl)phosphinicacid, Diethyl carbonate, Diisopropyl ether…More
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Contact: Qu Hao Mobile:0086-13306478686 Address: Room 606, Xi2 Road, Dongying ,Shandong,China.
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