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Name: Oxalyl chloride ≥99%
Suctural Formula:

Specification and properties :
Purity : 99 % min
Appearance : colorless, transparant liquid.
Melting Point : -12 oC
Boiling Point : 63~64 oC
Specific gravity : 1.480
Refractive Index at : 1.430
Other Namos : Ethane dioyl chloride、Oxalic acid chloride
Molecular Formula : Cl2C2O2
Molecular WT : 126.93
CAS NO. : 79-37-8
Hazard class : 8 - Ⅱ
UN/NA : UN2922

Characteristics :Being a colorless, smoky liquid with a sharp irritant flavour, the product can be mixed with benzene and ether, in contact with water and alcohol, a strong reaction will occur and chloride hydrogen will be decomposed. The product is toxic and corrosive.
Application :To be used as an important intermediate for sulfonylurea-weed-killer and for the chemical synthesizing of medicines, and it can also be ussed as a fine -quality acylating agent for polyamide, chemical cold-light , liquid crystal etc in the chemical industry.

Usual Packing :250 kgs / plastic drum covered with iron drum or 1400kgs / plastic container.

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